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BLUECOATED Series solar collector

SOLARSHINE innovated BLUECOATED series collector is designed for residential solar water heating systems and any type of solar heating projects, The collector is suitable to install in all climate condition, it provides an ideal and cost-effective option for solar water heating. 

The absorber is made of a full-plate aluminum board with high-efficiency blue sputtering coating. The absorber fin and riser tubes are welded by ultrasonic technology, which make the tubes and absorber fins at 100% integration and heat conductivity.  The collector is elegant-design with a firm structure.  It comes with a choice of 3 models for different solar-radiation level regions and system cost-budget.

  Bluecoated series collectors PDF (585KB)


 Features of BLUECOATED Series collector:


 -Full plate absorber: 
Innovated full plate welding technology.
The new design full-plate absorber is made of a full-plate aluminum board with blue sputtering absorb coating, the sun radiation is absorbed by an aholistic absorber, not by separated risers as conventional absorbers, no heat loss between each riser like before. This innovated design has higher efficiency and the heat loss is minimum.

-Bluecoat selective absorb surface:
The blue sputtering absorber coating reaches 95% absorption rate and only 6% emission, that ensure a high heat absorbing and conductivity ratio.

-Super heat insulation (With double insulation layers):
Bottom layer and side insulation is made of an innovated material -
CFC free phenolic foam insulation board, it has a very Low thermal conductivity at only 0.023w/m.k, it can stop heat loss at maximum, Its face is covered by alu-foil, its backside is integrated with an embossed steel plate which make the backside of the collector very tough and elegant appearance.

There is an extra layer of 20mm fiberglass wool which strengthens more heat protection.

Full plate absorber

Ultrasonic welding on a full plate absorber

Super heat insulation layer
Innovated phenolic foam board


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