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We are a professional manufacturer and developer of energy-saving solar hot water industry, we provide reliable, superior-design and cost-effective equipments and solutions for many types of water heating system, our main products and service include the following: 

1. Flat plate solar collectors and household solar hot water systems based on flat plate panel. 
2. Heat pump main units and heat pump water heater. 
3. Solar thermal + Heat pump hybrid solar water heating systems. (suitable both of household and centrial water heating) 
4. Vacuume tube solar water heater 
5. Pressurized water storage tank 

We have more than 10 years manufacturing experience of renewable energy water heating industry, our production is based on innovated design, advanced technology, and top-quality materials ensure the very best efficiency and long operating life each product is manufactured under very careful workmanship, rigorous manufacturing standard and quality control. 

Along with the environmental degradation and the future possible energy crisis of the world, our human being has only one answer: Finding and using renewable energy sources. Solar water heating is one of the most effective way to obtain energy from the sun, when we are using solar hot water, we are reducing our heating cost and giving our contribution to the environment protection, we believe, more and more solar hot water systems will be installed around our living, accompany with this progress, SOLARSHINEwill give our utmost effort to the development of solar hot water industry and provide products which are always smart choices of our customers. SOLARSHINEwill always be a faithful partner of its customer and users. 
SOLARSHINE welcome cooperation and partnership from all over the world.


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