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Solarshine products list
As  a professional manufacturer of solar hot water equipments, SOLARSHINE rovides reliable, superior-design and  cost-effective equipments and solutions for any kinds of solar water heating system. 
 Solar collector

SOLARSHINE takes innovated design, advanced technology, and top-quality materials for flat plate collectors. Our collectors are manufactured under very careful workmanship, rigorous manufacturing standard and quality control. Each collector is guaranteed with high efficiency and long operating life...

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 Thermosyphon solar hot water systems

Take SOLARSHINE thermosyphon system to build up an ideal solar hot water system for your home, our systems provide the simplest way to get hot water from the sun, the  normal-working system requires neither pump nor temperature- differential-controller, it is easy installation and simple maintainance...                               

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 Split solar hot water systems


SOLARSHINE split systems provide an effective way to get hot water from the sun. Equipped with high-efficiency collectors, intelligent system controller or working station, and pressurized water tanks, our split systems can be a smart choices for harvesting hot water from the sun and saving our 

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 Solar hot water tanks

SOLARSHINE offers a wide range of hot water stroage tanks for any types of solar hot water systems. Tank volume ranges from 100-500L. Horizontal and vertical mounted tanks are available for different system applications. The storage tanks can work under pressure up to 600Kpa. SOLARSHINE solar tanks offer superb quality and long-life service...

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 System controllers, fittings and parts

Find here accessories and assistant parts available for Solar hot water systems, we supply:
-Systems controller & working station
-Brass fittings
-Circulation pumps
-Valves (P/T valve, safety valve...)

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